Society for Neuroscience

The Society for Neuroscience is a nonprofit organization of basic scientists and physicians who study the brain and nervous system. Neuroscience includes the study of brain development, sensation and perception, learning and memory, movement, sleep, stress, aging and neurological and psychiatric disorders. It also includes the molecules, cells and genes responsible for nervous system functioning. The society was formed in 1970 in recognition of the tremendous potential for the study of the brain and nervous system as an independent field. It has grown to more than 36,000 members and is the world's largest organization of scientists devoted to the study of the brain.

The Society's primary goal is to promote the exchange of information among researchers. It relies on its 111 local chapters (inclucing the FRNG!!!) for grassroots representation of the neuroscience community. SfN chapters across North America hold scientific lectures and other activities for the educational advancement of local neuroscience communities.