2007 Annual Meeting Highlights

Poster winners (left to right):
postdoc Andrew Evans, CU-Boulder; graduate students Susan Goebel, UCDHSC, and Alicia Ebert, CSU. (Not in picture: graduate student winner Tianna Magee, CSU.)

Poster winner (right): undergraduate Nahid Kalani, CSU, with Prof. Pei-San Tsai (CU-Boulder). (Not in picture: undergraduate winner Brandon Wadas, CSU.)

Oral Award Winners (left to right):
Dane D. Jensen (U. of Wyoming), Danielle E. Harlow (U. of Colorado Denver), Andrea E. Kudwa (CSU), Marc S. Weinberg (CU-Boulder).

Keynote speaker:
Dr. Larry Young (Emory University).

Poster viewing.

Talk attendees.