2005 Annual Meeting Highlights

The third-annual, regional meeting of the Front Range Neuroscience Group was held at the Fort Collins Hilton adjacent to the CSU campus on December 7, 2005. As in our previous meetings, attendees came from the four major local universities: Colorado State University (CSU), University of Wyoming (UW), University of Colorado at Boulder (UC-Boulder), and the University of Colorado at Denver Health Sciences Center (UCDHSC). Dr. Allan Basbaum, from the University of California at San Francisco, was chosen as our Grass Traveling Lecturer and provided an excellent keynote address that was well received by over 110 attendees. Once again vendor support and participation was strong and vendors provided many gifts and prizes for those in attendance. In addition, the 'Hot Stuff Workshop' presented new and exciting technologies available in the Front Range. Special thanks to Angela Goodacre (Olympus) and Oliver Prange (Carl Zeiss) for their helpful and illuminating presentations! During a young investigators' symposium, 4 trainees gave 15min talks. To compete for selection, students submitted abstracts that were judged by a panel of faculty with at least one representative from each attending school. The winning student presenters were Mark Hutchinson (postdoc - UC Boulder), Khaleel Ur Rahman Abdul Razak (postdoc - UW), Amy Navratil (Graduate Student - CSU) and Ursula Sandau (Graduate Student - CSU).

With over 55 posters (and 36 eligible for judging), there was significant competition for poster prizes! There were 3 top tier graduate student poster competition winners; Christy Cortez (UCDHSC), John Gill (UC-Boulder), and Michael Maloney (CSU). The choices were so hard, that the judging committee created a second tier for graduate student poster awards! These winners included; Janel Funk (CSU), Thomas Precht (UCDHSC), Susan Goebel (UCDHSC), and Eric Horne (UCDHSC). There was one postdoctoral fellow poster competition winner; Milena Girotti (UC-Boulder and a return winner from last year!). Finally, prizes were provided by the University of Colorado at Boulder for undergraduate poster presenters and these were won by Ashly Leder (UC Boulder) and Jessica Barczi (CSU).