2004 Annual Meeting Highlights

Our second annual regional neuroscience meeting, attended by a majority of our members, was held at the University Park Holiday Inn adjacent to the CSU campus on November 30, 2004. Attendance was drawn from the 4 major local universities that participated in the inaugural meeting: Colorado State University, University of Wyoming, UC-Boulder, and the University of Colorado Health Sciences University (UCHSC), and extended to include new members from 2 additional schools - the University of Northern Colorado (UNC) and The University of Nebraska at Kearney. Dr. Wylie Vale (Salk Institute in San Diego, CA) was chosen as our Grass Traveling Lecturer and provided an excellent keynote presentation that was well received by over 200 attendees.

A young investigator symposium session was held wherein 4 students who had submitted winning abstracts (judged by a panel of 5 with at least one representative from each attending school) gave 15min talks. The winning student presenters were Steven Hobbs (Graduate student, UC-Boulder), Andrew Vendel (Postdoc, CSU), Gwen Haley (Graduate student, Univ Wyoming), and Sarah Sasse (Graduate student, UC-Boulder). In addition, there were 4 graduate student poster competition winners; Carin Loewen (CSU), John Gill (UC-Boulder), Eric Horne (UCHSC), and Angela Zimmerman (UCHSC) and 2 postdoctoral fellow poster competition winners; Milena Girotti (UC-Boulder) and Kristen O1Connell (CSU). Finally, prizes were provided by the University of Colorado at Boulder for undergraduate poster presenters and these were won by Adam Walker (UNC) and Mike Patz (UC-Boulder).